In-Training Exam Guide for Residents 

IMPORTANT: For the online proctoring, there is a required onboarding and demo that must be completed at least 72 hrs. prior to taking the actual DXIT Exam. Failure to complete the onboarding process may delay or prevent you from taking the exam.  

The exam must be taken within the exam window provided (Jan 3 – Jan 31, 2022). You cannot start and stop the exam. Once started, the exam must be completed within the provided timeframe. Although you may take the exam on any day or any time during the testing window, it is recommended that the exam be taken during the normal ACR support working hours Mon – Fri from 8 am – 4 pm.


Things to do prior to the exam .............................................. 2

What is allowed and not allowed .......................................... 3

Proctoring download and set-up .......................................... 5

Student Tracking & Review...................................................... 22

Things to do prior to the exam

• If using an institution laptop or desktop, contact your institution’s IT department to 

confirm the software is compatible and the proctoring tool can be downloaded.

• System requirements:

Recommended Web Browser: GOOGLE CHROME

Operating System 
MAC: macOS High Sierra or higher PC: Windows 10 or higher.
PC: Windows 10 or higher
Processor / RAMMAC: Intel / AMD Processor, 8 GB RAM PC: Dual-core 2.4 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM or higher
Plug-insEnable JavaScript and Third-party cookies 

Internal or external camera 800x600 resolution or better 
Internet ConnectionStable high-speed DSL or better 

      For the system:

  • Unhook any external monitors
  •  Turn off Bluetooth
  • Closeout any open applications including email
  •  Make sure to have your photo ID. The photo ID must have your picture and full name.
  • (first name, last name). Government-issued ID is preferred but institutional ID is acceptable as long as the photo and complete name are displayed.
  •  Remove any papers, books, documentation from the testing area. Clean whiteboards of any information and verify there is nothing on the walls that could be considered as information that could be used on the exam.
  •  Put away phones or other smart devices that allow web access. Turn off any TVs.
  •  Only stand-alone or laptop calculators may be used for the exam.
  • Remove any notepapers. Digital note-taking is allowed using MS Word, Notepad, and TextEdit.

What is allowed and not allowed

Proctoring download and set-up

1. Log into the DXIT Portal using your ACR login information (same login as RadExam, AIRP 

or other ACR programs) at:

DXIT In-Training Exam:

Login not working or need login information? Contact (1-800-

373-2204) to get login information or reset your password

2. DXIT Exam landing page will open. Support / FAQ information located top right.

3. Click the video tutorial (3 min).

4. After viewing the tutorial, click the [START PROCTORING ONBOARDING & DEMO] to download Proctortrack and go through the onboarding process.

If you get the message below, contact your program coordinators and verify that you were registered and that the institution invoice was paid. If you were registered, contact to troubleshoot the access issue.

5. Read and agree to the consent form.


6. The Proctortrack screen will display. Read the information, scroll to the bottom, and click the agreement to the environmental conditions.

 7. Click [Download Proctortrack]

8. Proctortrack will download. There will be a .exe file.

9. Click the [Connect] button or double click the Proctorack.exe (bottom left) to launch Proctortrack. Issues with the download? Contact Proctortrack via Chat at

10. Click [Open Proctortrack]. Proctortrack will launch and verify the connection.

11. Confirm the Agreement Policy and click [Start System Check]

12. System Check will begin.

13. Confirm the Webcam and Microphone that will be used for the exam.

14. Close any unauthorized applications if detected. Click the [Close], continue to close applications until the next step. Issues with closing applications? Contact Proctortrack via Chat at

15. Do the Face Scan (center, left, right). This goes quick!

16. Verify your face scan.

17. Scan your ID – make sure text is visible and not blurry!

18. Exam guidelines will be repeated. Click [I AGREE, LET’S BEGIN]

19. Verify – there are no books, papers, writing on whiteboards, etc. then do the room scan.

20. Once the room scan is completed, the exam password pop-up will display. Click [Copy] to start the demo.

21. Click [Close] for the Ready to Proceed pop-up. No other action is required, you will be taken to the demo.

22. The exam window will display with the Proctortrack bar along the top and the video recording on the bottom right.

23. The Demo will launch. The Demo will allow you to practice the navigation of the actual exam itself.

24. Need technical support for the exam? Click the support tab on the right or contact

25. Once all questions are answered, click the [Submit Activity] top right.

26. Verify the submission. 

27. Proctortrack pop-up will display. You may wait for the timer or manually close by clicking [END PROCTORING NOW]. DO NOT EXIT OR CLOSE ANYTHING ELSE! The Proctortrack video must upload. 

28. Click [QUIT APP]. Do not uninstall because you will need the app for the actual exam.

29. Please complete the survey so that we can provide you with a better testing experience.

30. You will not be able to launch the actual exam until the onboarding & demo have been reviewed for ID verification.

31. To go back to the testing dashboard, click the browser tab.

32. To launch the actual exam, click the [START DXIT/TXIT EXAM]