Proctortrack, when not running, does not access any data. 

Once it is run, it accesses the computers’ connected device list, desktop screen, webcam, process logs, and system level logs to do a system check to check for any blacklisted applications, virtual webcams, external displays, multiple keyboards, virtual machines, and for any test policy violations.

After the system check step, Proctortrack accesses webcams for recording and uploading scans. If Proctortrack mobile app is used, then a webcam on the mobile is used to record and upload scans.

After the scans are completed, Proctortrack in its live proctoring mode, waits for the live proctor to approve the scans. There is no data accessed during this phase.

Once scans are approved, Proctortrack shows a blue-frame on screen, and accesses desktop screenshots, webcam, process logs, and keystrokes. These data are captured and analyzed for ensuring the integrity of exams. Live proctor sees the desktop screenshots and webcam feeds. 

Live proctors do not access the computer or its data. Live proctor only views the webcam feeds and desktop screenshots, and then interacts with the test takers via chat.