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The screenshots are subject to change and the use of mobile phone will be configurable/optional

What is Proctortrack Mobile app?

Proctortrack’s mobile app will run simultaneously with the desktop app. Students can now use the phone camera with the help mobile app for high quality portraits and ID scans. Proctortrack’s mobile app is configurable and it can be set as optional.

How does it affect instructors?

Proctortrack’s mobile app will allow instructors to lockdown the mobile phone temporarily, have better room scan to ensure the secured environment.

How does it affect students?

Proctortrack’s mobile app will help the students to get clearer Id scans, access exam timer, scan and upload the documents in the exam.

What are the features of Proctortrack’s mobile app?

  • Mobile Lockdown: Temporary disables phone to look up answers, text, phone calls, except for emergencies.


  • Selfie ID: Phone Camera can now be used for high quality portraits and ID Scans for facial confirmation.


  • Room Scan: Ensures test environment is secured and clear of clutter and distractions.


  • Calculator: If configured, available for tests.


  • Test Clock: Can be viewed for start time, end time and time lapse.


  • Document Scan: Students can now upload worksheets and paper-pencil tests.

Student Flow-Mobile App

1. Once the learner runs the Proctortrack app on the desktop and connection is successful.


   2. Read the agreement policy and tick the check box I agree to the terms and conditions.



3. Download the mobile app as per the instructions displayed.

Note: If the mobile configuration is set as optional then student will see the skip button to complete the identity checks using the desktop app.

a. Go to the AppStore(for Mac) or Play Store(for Android) and click on Install” to download and install the               Proctortrack app on your mobile device. Once the app is installed, please launch the app on the device.


4. Read the agreement and privacy policy for mobile app on the phone and check the box I agree to Terms &

    Conditions and Privacy Policy” and click on Next” to proceed.


5. Scan the QR code show on the desktop app using your mobile device.

6.  Click on Start” to run the system check.


7. Complete the Facial scan.


8. Complete the ID scan.

9. Click on Start to scan the room.

10. Press and hold the button and move the mobile device to the right, left, top and bottom sides of the room to scan.

11. Click on Launch Desktop Test on the mobile app and then click on the Take me to the next page” on desktop            app.

12. Your phone screen will be locked until the test is submitted.

13. You can use Calculator provided in the mobile app.

14. Read the exam guidelines and then click on the I agree,let’s begin” button to start the proctoring session on the desktop and take the test. Once you submit the exam on the desktop click on the END to end proctoring and upload the data.

15. Once you submit the test on desktop and upload the proctoring data, the mobile app will be closed.

16. You need to upload the proctoring data on the mobile app as well.

17. Close the mobile app once the proctoring data is uploaded completely.

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