If you are getting the “Connection unsuccessful due to DNS issue” message in Proctortrack, then follow the instructions below related to resolving DNS.

If you are not getting the DNS message error and still Proctortrack is unable to connect to the browser, then follow the steps below related to allowing app.verificient.com / local traffic in your proxy settings.

If the steps below are not helpful, please reach out to Proctortrack support.

DNS issue for Learners not using VPN:.1

  • Delete the already downloaded version and download and run the latest version

  • Try changing the DNS to and

  • Try changing the internet connection, e.g. use the mobile hotspot if possible

DNS issue for  Learners using VPN :


  • Change the hosts file (for Windows, add an entry for “app.verificient.com”)

Steps to change the host file in Windows.

  • Press the Windows key.

  • Type Notepad in the search field.

  • In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator.

  • From Notepad, open the following file: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.

  • Make the necessary changes to the file.

  • Select File > Save to save your changes.

Steps to change the host file in MAC.

  • Open the Terminal application. …

  • "/private/etc" is the location for the 'hosts' file

  • Enter your password when it prompts you to enter your Mac user's password. ...

  • Edit the host file by adding these two lines to the bottom of the file. ...

  • Save your changes by pressing control-o on your keyboard then return to accept the filename.

  • If that doesn't work please close the VPN and then reconnect to the VPN once Proctortrack app is connected

Proctortrack not connecting issue: allowing local traffic in  proxy settings:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Proctortrack app (since the app is not able to connect and auto-update, best is to delete the current version and download afresh)it 

  • Check your proxy settings and exclude the local traffic and traffic related to app.verificient.com from the proxy

    • Windows and macOS screenshots are attached below in case of manual proxy in use

  • Please revert the network settings changes after your exam

Please Note: Once the Proctortrack Application gets connected then you can again connect back to the VPN.