1. As your instructor wants scanned results for the scans, but some webcams are designed to just capture the scans not scan the scans, in such cases the webcam driver freezes, so we need software acceleration to resolve this.

2. Hence, we need to install a free version of Manycam from Manycam.com which enhances the capability of the webcam, as well as makes sure that the webcam does not freeze. which in turn makes sure that Proctortrack would not freeze

  • Please download and run the free version of Manycam from https://manycam.com/

  • Let Manycam run in the background. 
  • Please close Proctortrack and relaunch it. While you relaunch the Proctortrack, please select Manycam from the webcam feed drop-down menu.

  • Let the default audio option be selected.
  • If it does not detect the webcam then this could be a hardware issue or an inherent webcam driver Issue within the installed OS.