Please try the following steps:

  1. Is your webcam internal or external?  If it's external, is it properly plugged in?  You may need to try to unplug and replug it. Try plugging the webcam into a different USB port.
  2. Does your webcam work in other circumstances (on skype, facetime, etc.)?  This means that the webcam hardware is working correctly and the problem is most likely related to the Operating System not providing access to the webcam for the Proctortrack.
  3. Are there any other applications currently using the webcam?  If so, please close these applications. Only one application at a time can use your webcam. If another application (skype, facetime, etc.)  is using it, Proctortrack will be unable to use it.
  4. Does your webcam need a software update?
  5. Test for whether the Webcam is working by visiting  on either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  6. Also you need to allow Webcam on latest macOSX - 10.14 - Mojave

    Go to System Preference --> Security and Privacy -> Privacy tab --> Click on the Lock Icon at the bottom left of Security & Privacy Tab --> Enter the system Password --> Click on the Check box in front of Proctortrack.

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1. Google chrome

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