Often students are unsure whether their specific hardware setup will allow them to use Proctortrack.  While a detailed list of supported operating systems and browsers is available on Proctortrack.com, students often prefer to just test their own system themselves. Keep in mind that Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers. While Proctortrack will work in other browsers, the user experience is far superior in Chrome. 

The onboarding process gives students the opportunity to create an onboarding profile with Proctortrack and to make sure everything is working correctly during low-pressure circumstances.  It also gives students time to make any changes to their system well before the first exam.  

Students can fail onboarding for the following reasons:

  • Missing or insufficient facial scan.

  • Missing or insufficient ID scan.

  • Invalid ID.

  • Missing or insufficient knuckle scan.

  • Insufficient environment lighting.

Onboarding profile reviewing and processing is an automated process which might take 24-48 hours to review and process the data and depending on the quality of scans submitted by the student, onboarding profile will be approved/rejected. If a student fails the onboarding exam, they will receive a notification listing the specific reasons for failure and they will be asked to re-take the onboarding exam.

For students, onboarding appears exactly the same as a normal exam. This is to help familiarize them with the testing environment.