Proctortrack does not decide if a student cheats or not.  The software records evidence and then uses algorithms to decide what behavior is abnormal.  That abnormal behavior is then highlight for professors to review.  What behavior is specifically prohibited depends on your university's academic integrity policy.

The default exam terms forbid the following (note: this varies by school, this is only the default):

  • Do Not Cheat or attempt to deceive during this examination session.
  • Do Not Impersonate another candidate or having another person impersonate you.
  • Do Not Use Any Mobile Device talk or communicate to anyone via the use of any manual or electronic medium.
  • Do Not Leave the camera view during the test.
  • Do Not Reproduce photograph, screenshot or print any part of the test in any medium.
  • Do Not Eat Or Drink during the exam period
  • Do Not Let Others Access your secured test or computer.
  • Do Not Be In A Room With Others having other people disturb you during the testing period can disqualify you.
  • Do Not Leave The Browser Or Test Session open any other software, browser or web page that is not required for taking this test.*
  • Do Not Use Multiple monitors, keyboards or mice.
  • Do Not Look Away off-screen to glance or read notes.*
  • Do Not Make Notes or calculations on your computer or on paper, unless test instructions explicitly state to do so.

*Unless professor has configured test to be open book.