After selecting your exam to run Proctortrack, you'll be presented with the Best Practices.  They are as follows:

Ensure your Face is Clearly Visible - Anything that obscures your face can flag your test for violation. This includes but is not limited to: hair, sunglasses and hats. Reading glasses are acceptable, however.

No Bathroom Breaks - If you need to use the bathroom, you should use it now. Once the red frame(old version of app) and blue frame(new version of app)  appears, you may not leave the camera view.

Create The Proper Lighting - You must be in a consistently well-lit room, with as plain of a background as possible. Changes in lighting can flag your test for a violation. 

Turn Off Noise Making Devices - Your test environment must be free from outside noise. Turn off all sound-emitting devices completely, mobile phones on vibrate setting still emit detectable sound.

Stay Within Webcam Frame - You must be in the frame of your webcam at all times. Even stretching, looking away, or leaning down to pick up your pencil could flag your test.

Use A Private Testing Area - You must be alone, at a desk and chair so that you are sitting up-right during the test. If other people are around you, you could be disqualified.