If the Proctortrack App is stuck on "connecting", it may be for one of the following reasons:

  •  This happens if you are opening the Proctortrack app directly from your download folder. Please make sure that you have logged in to your LMS and you are on the Proctortrack download page. The Proctortrack app will only connect if you are on the Proctortrack download page (the page from where you download the Proctortrack app). You can also close the Proctortrack app which is stuck on "Connecting" and download it again and then open the Proctortrack app being on the same Proctortrack download page.

  • Please change your DNS setting with the below steps.


  1. Go to the Apple menu and select “System Preferences” 
  2. Choose the “Network” control panel, select your network interface from the left side (“Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet” for example), then click the “Advanced” button in the lower right corner of the Network window 

  3. Click on the [+] plus button 

  4. Set the DNS as 

  5. Click again on the [+] plus button 

  6. Set one more as 

  7. When finished making changes to the DNS settings, click on the “OK” button. 

  8. Now click on “Apply” for the DNS changes to take effect, and close out of System Preferences as usual.


  1. Open the network and internet settings.
  2. Click on the change adaptor option.
  3. Right-click on ethernet and go to preferences. 
  4. Select internet protocol version 4 (IPV4) and click on the properties
  5. Select the DNS server addresses radio button and enters the below DNS address.
  6. Preffered DNS server Alternate DNS server 

  • Please make sure that you are not connected to any resitricted network/work network.

  • Please temprory disable the antivirus from your computer if you have installed any.

           Please click on the link and follow the steps How to disable or turn off antivirus.