1.What is ProctorTA?

ProctorTA is the world’s first and most advanced in-classroom proctoring software designed with student’s privacy in mind.

2.How does it work?

ProctorTA is a custom browser designed to render the LMS and the test.  When you launch ProctorTA, your laptop enters a lockdown mode and  thanks to a Magic Key provided by the proctor  you are automatically guided to the test. 

3.Where do I find the app download link? 

You will receive a registration email including the download link and  instructions.On your LMS registered email, in case you didn’t receive an email, please reach out your instructor/TA/Proctor.

4.Do I need to bring my laptop in class or can I use the ones in the classroom?

Contact your instructor for clarification.

5.Am I being recorded?

No.We care about your privacy,ProctorTA does not record your data

6.Can I access external resources?

       Only whitelisted URL will be accessible.

7.Can I contact support if I have issues during the exam?

                Yes, there is a button on the top right corner “Chat”

        8.Where do I find the magic key?

                Magic key will be shared in class by the instructor/TA/Proctor

        9.Do I need to bring my ID?

                Please contact your instructor for clarification.

        10.What are the steps should take before the exam?

                    1-Wait for the exam registration Email in which you will get download link ,                             FAQ's , Manuals

                    2-Ensure your laptop meets tech requirements

                    3-Download and Install ProctortrackSuite from the download link received in                           email

Download and Install ProctortrackSuite