Valid Roomscan.

1] Blank wall requirement.

2] Closed room.

3] Room should be isolated.

Room scan will be rejected if the following spaces or cases are found.

1] Public places such as libraries, classrooms, and office spaces such as cubicles or glass enclosures are not allowed.

2] Room too dark is not allowed. It should be properly lit.

3] Storage rooms with books.

4] Test-taker sitting in front of books.

Desk scan will be rejected if the following spaces or cases are found.

1] Multiple Wires (RGA and HDMI cables) coming out of the computer

2] Calculators

3] Dictionaries and Books

Spaces not allowed for taking the exam.

1] Student lounges

2] Cafe

3] Conference Rooms

4] Office Cubicles (high traffic or multiple disruptions)

5] Library

Room/Desk scan will be rejected if multiple hardware on the desk is found.

1. Multiple Mouses

2. Second keyboard

3. Printers

4. Second Mobile Device/iPads/Tablets

5. Microsoft Xbox

6. Second Webcam/Go pro

7. Multiple monitors

Prerequisites before approving the mobile phone position.

    In mobile phone view, below things should be visible 

  1. Monitor or Laptop.

  2. Keyboard.

  3. Mouse.

  4. Desk.

  5. Learner.

Phone should be placed either to the left or right so that the above criteria's are met.

No specific distance how far should it be kept, only thing is the above requirements should be fulfilled.

Phones can be kept on mobile stand or any possible support so that the view should be clear and easily visible.