If you are experiencing issues with the Face Scan, then please make sure:

1) Your face is clearly visible.

2) There is no other person within the webcam frame.

3) You are not too far from the webcam. 

4) There isn’t any object (Scarf, Sunglasses, Headphones) obstructing your face.

If you are receiving an error stating your Face Scan Is Not Matching With Our Data, then please follow the steps below:

Create a new Google Chrome Profile:

1. You can create different profiles, with different photos or icon colors assigned to each profile in Google Chrome. This helps in identifying the profile that you are using currently easily. The profile photo or icon should be visible in the top-right corner of the screen. Clicking on it once will reveal more details like email ID. 

2. To create a new Chrome profile, click on the current Google Chrome profile photo and select Add.

3. Then click on Continue without an account to create a new profile.

4. Choose a name for your new profile and a profile photo from the given option. For now, there is no way to choose a custom photo. You may, however, choose to create a desktop shortcut for the newly created profile in case you are going to use it very often. Click on Done to continue.

5. You will be met with a new window where you will be asked to set up your new Chrome profile. You can sign in with a different Google account if you have one or even create one. Otherwise, you can also use it in guest mode.

6. To make sure that you are easily able to identify and switch between different profiles, each browser window will now display your profile photo in the Taskbar area.

7. Access your email link, log into your DMV account and retry the test using the new Chrome profile you have just created.