Proctortrack Support- 

If you encounter a technical program, you can ask the proctor for help. You will be able to

communicate with the proctor via chat at any time during your exam. If the proctor is unable to help you resolve the technical issue, you will be directed to contact the Proctortrack technical support line via live chat, phone, or email.

• For live chat visit the support page (recommended)

• Or call the dedicated Proctortrack technical support line for Humber learners: 1(844) 966-1155

Telephone Support Hours

Monday to Friday – 8 am to 9 pm EST

Saturday to Sunday – 8 am to 7 pm EST

Minimum System Requirements for Mac and PC Devices-

Additional Requirements for Mac OS and Windows OS-

Plug-insJava Script Enabled & Third -Party Cookies Enabled
Camera Resolution800 X 600 resolution or better
Internet Connection

Cable Modem, DSL or better (900 kbps download, 900 kbps upload)

Internet Speed CheckClick Here to check your speed

Note: Please click here to view detailed technical requirements.

Acceptable Forms of Identification- 

Primary Identification Type:
Passport (Canadian or International)
Driver’s License
Citizenship/Permanent Resident Card
Secure Certificate of Indian Status
Provincial ID Card (e.g. Ontario Photo ID card)
Nexus Card
Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card
Canadian Firearms License 

Note: All acceptable forms of ID must be valid, have a signature (whenever applicable), contain a clear photograph, and not expired.

Onboarding Exam Rules-

• All learners Must pass the onboarding exam before the scheduled exam date. 

• The onboarding exam is essential as it conducts a system check on your device. 

• The onboarding exam should NOT be attempted on the scheduled exam date. 

• Learners MUST have an approved onboarding exam in order to attempt the actual exam. 

• If the onboarding exam is not approved, learners will receive an email. 

• Learners MUST attempt the onboarding exam again until it is approved. 

• The onboarding exam status is visible in the learner’s account, on the main dashboard.

Onboarding Exam Steps (First Time Test Takers Only)-

First-time exam takers will receive an email notification from Proctortrack to complete the onboarding exam within two weeks before the scheduled exam date. The email will include their Protortrack credentials.   

Note: The onboarding exam should only be completed by first-time test takers. Learners who have already taken a virtual exam need not to complete the onboarding again. The onboarding exam is valid for a year.

1. Enter in your address browser line. 

2. Please log in using your Proctortrack username and password. 

First-time exam takers will receive an email notification from Proctortrack to complete the onboarding exam within two weeks before the scheduled exam date. The email will include their Proctortrack credentials.

 • All learners must pass the onboarding exam at least a day before the scheduled exam date. 

• It is recommended to change the password after you log in. 

3. Click on GO TO TEST button for the onboarding exam.

a. A message box will appear with details of your exam time, proceed to click on Go to Test

4. Scroll down and read the information provided under the Let’s Get Started guidelines.

5. Checkmark the box at the bottom of the page to agree to the terms.

6. Follow the instructions presented on the screen. (See image below) 

Step 1: Open the App and click on Connect to Proctortrack button. 

Step 2: Click anywhere on the app screen to proceed further. 

If you do not have the app and wish to download then: 

Step 1: Click on the Download Proctortrack Button.


7. If it’s taking longer than 10 seconds to initiate the app, follow the instructions displayed on the screen 

Step 1: Go back to the browser (you can drag the app on the side). 

Step 2: Click on the Connect to Proctor button. 

Step 3: Come back here and click anywhere inside the app. 

8. Read over the Agreement to Policy and checkmark the box to confirm your consent only after you have read the information. Click on I agree to proceed.

9. Your device will now Complete a system check.

10. After the system check you are ready for the onboarding exam. Click on Continue to proceed.

11. You will be prompted to verify your identity. Ensure to read the information provided on the screen, then click on Continue to proceed. 

12. You will now be prompted to complete a Face Scan

• Click Scan and follow the instructions displayed on the page to ensure a proper face scan is captured.

 • Once the face scan is captured click on Next to proceed. If the face scan is blurry click on Retake to capture again.

13. You will now be prompted to complete an ID Scan

• Position your ID and ensure that the reflection of light is not hiding the text. 

• Click on Start Scan and hold the ID for 10 seconds. 

• Ensure that the text in your final ID scan is readable. 

• Provincial health cards are not accepted. 

• Click on Next once you complete your ID scan to proceed.

14. You will then be prompted to complete a room scan. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to capture a correct scan. 

• Click on Start Scan to begin.

• Click on Next once your room scan has been captured.

15. Click on Start Proctoring

a. The page will list a set of rules and guidelines of what is allowed for the duration of the exam. Scroll down the page to read over the information provided.


16. Learners can see themselves being recorded in the bottom right corner of the screen.


a. The footage can be minimized by clicking on the top right corner of the video feed. 

b. Use the arrows to move the video feed to the left or right of the screen. 

17. Complete and submit the onboarding exam by clicking on any of the End buttons displayed.

18. A pop-up will appear, proceed and click on End.

19. The onboarding exam will begin to upload do not quit the app.

20. Once the upload is complete proceed to click on Quit App to close and save the application or, select Uninstall to remove Proctortrack from the desktop. 

Note: Once you complete and submit your onboarding exam you will receive two emails from Proctortrack informing you that the onboarding exam is being processed. You will receive a final email from Proctortrack once the onboarding exam is approved. 

If the onboarding exam is not approved, an email will be sent by Proctortrack and the onboarding will have to be attempted again. Learners must have an approved onboarding exam prior to the scheduled exam date. The status of your onboarding exam is located on the Proctortrack dashboard.