Minimum System Requirements

Process Details


  •  Learners will receive an email when they are registered to the Onboarding test by Humber.
  • Learners to login to URL: using the credentials in the email and change their password after first login.
  • The Onboarding is a sample quiz with 10 True/ false questions to understand the system better and to:
    • a.  Download the Proctortrack app on the desktop and the mobile (app store).
    • b.  Submit the baseline profile with Face & ID scan using the desktop app.
    • c.  On the QR code step, opening the Proctortrack mobile app, pairing the session by scanning the          QR code, and completing the room scan.
    • d.  Completing the sample quiz and submitting the quiz.
    • e.  End the proctoring, by clicking “End” on the desktop app and the mobile app to upload the               proctoring data.
  • Incase the Onboarding is failed due to any reason, the learners will receive an email and asked to complete the Onboarding again.
  •   A learner needs to have a passed Onboarding status/profile in order to attempt the actual exam. The Onboarding status is visible in the learner’s account.
  • Learners to receive a registration notification email when Humber registers them to the actual exam.
  • Learners will also receive an email once the actual exam is scheduled and the proctor is assigned.
  • Schedule, Reschedule, and Cancel schedule buttons will be inactive for the learners.
  • The learners will start the test at the scheduled time or within 30 minutes after the scheduled time.
  • Learners will follow the same process to begin monitoring for the actual exam as they did during the Onboarding.
  • Learners to login to their account, click “Confirmed” and then “Go To Test” for their actual exam. Launch the Proctortrack app and complete the scans.
  • Pair the phone app using the QR code and complete the room scan, which will be approved by a live proctor.
  • Once the room scan is approved, learners are required to place the mobile phone camera as required by the instructions in the mobile app.
  • Learners will then redirected to the login page on the Humber platform and are required to confirm to the live proctor after they log in.
  • The live proctor will unlock the exam once the learner has logged in.
  • Once the exam is unlocked, the learner can proceed and attempt the exam.
  • After the exam is completed, learners are required to end the proctoring on desktop and phone app and let the app complete the data upload.
  • That it!, the learner has completed a live proctoring exam with Proctortrack.

Simple 5-Step Process

  1. Create a baseline profile: attempt an Onboarding quiz.
  2. Test-taker will receive an email once the exam is scheduled for them.
  3. Sync the Proctortrack desktop & phone app and submit the scans.
  4. Login and start the attempt once the exam is unlocked.
  5. Submit the exam and End the Proctoring on Desktop App & Mobile App.

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