Minimum System Requirements for Mac and PC Devices 

Mac Operating System Requirements:

Windows Operating System Requirements:

Google Chrome browser only

OSX EI Capitan 10.13 or higher

Google Chrome browser only

Windows 8 or higher

Mac Processor/Ram Requirements:

Intel/ AMD Processor, 8 GB RAM

PC Processor/Ram Requirements:

Dual core 2.4 GHZ CPU, 8 GB RAM or better


Common Requirements for Mac OS and Windows OS



Java Script Enabled & Third-Party Cookies Enabled

Camera Resolution

800 X 600 resolution or better

Internet Connection

Cable Modem, DSL or better (900 kbps download, 900 kbps upload)

Internet Speed Check

Click Here to check your speed.

  Note: Please click here to view detailed technical requirements.


Onboarding Exam Steps

    1.Enter in your address browser line.

     2.Please login using your Proctortrack username and password.

  1. First time exam takers will receive an email notification from Proctortrack to complete the onboarding exam within two weeks before the scheduled exam date. The email will include their Protortrack credentials.
    b.All learners must pass the onboarding exam at least a day before the scheduled exam date.
    c.It is recommended to change the password after you login.
    d.Refer to Appendix A – for list of the onboarding exam rules.

 3.Click on GO TO TEST button for the onboarding exam.

  1. Read the guidelines and click agree to proceed.


4.Click on the Download Plugin (Step required for First Time Users)

5. The browser will direct you to the Chrome webstore page to download the Proctortrack Plugin.

  1. Click on Add to Chrome to add the plugin.

6.Click the Refresh button if the page does not auto-forward.

7. Scroll down and read the information provided under the Let’s Get Started guidelines.

8.Check mark the box at the bottom of the page to agree to the terms.

9.Click on Submit on the Agreement Policy page to confirm your consent after you have read the information.

10. Click on Scan to capture a face scan picture.


11.Click on Retake if the picture is blurry or unclear.
  1. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to ensure a proper face scan is captured.


12. Click on Confirm and Upload if the image meets the requirements.

13.Click on Scan to capture a picture of the ID.

  1. Align your ID horizontally or vertically to ensure an eligible scan.
  2. Provincial health cards are not accepted. Please review the Appendix G for approved Government-issued ID. Align your ID horizontally or vertically to ensure an eligible scan.

14. Click the Download Proctortrack button to download the app file.

  1. Click on Open.
  2. Click on Connect.


If you are unable to download the Proctortrack app, please refer to Appendix B for Windows device or Appendix C for Mac device.

c.After downloading the desktop application, it will conduct a system check on your device.

15.Click on Go to Next Step.
  1. The page will direct you to a list of rules and guidelines of what is allowed for the duration of the exam.

16. Complete a room scan.
  1. A pop-up window will appear requesting a room scan.

Step 1 - Download the Proctortrack Mobile Application in the App Store (iOS phone) or Play Store (Android phone).

Step 2 – Launch the Proctortrack mobile app. Scan the QR code using the mobile app. (Note, it is advised to complete the room scan with the mobile app).

17.Complete the room scan by moving the phone camera around the entire room slowly for 20                seconds. Make sure to capture the entire room including the desk area.
  1. A pop-up window will appear indicating your room scan is under review.
  2. Once approved by the live proctors’, learners will be able to proceed.

Note: If your room scan is not approved, you will be directed to redo a room scan

18. After the room scan is approved, enable the screen share by clicking on the Share button.

19. Click on the Start Proctoring under step 2 to proceed.

20.Learners can see themselves being recorded in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  1. The footage can be minimized by clicking on the top left corner of the video feed.
  2. Use the arrows to move the video feed to the left or right of the screen.
  3. The session will end automatically, once the onboarding test is submitted.

21. Complete and submit the onboarding exam then click End on the self-video feed, if the app does not end automatically.

Note: Once you complete and submit your onboarding exam you will receive two emails from Proctortrack informing you that the onboarding exam is being processed. You will receive a final email from Proctortrack once the onboarding exam is approved.
If the onboarding exam is not approved, an email will be sent by Proctortrack and the onboarding will have to be attempted again. Learners must have an approved onboarding exam prior to the scheduled exam date. The status of your onboarding exam is located on the Proctortrack dashboard. Click Here to view detail email messages.

22.Click on Quit App to close and save the application or, select Uninstall to remove Proctortrack from the Desktop

Confirmation Email prior to Exam Date

Learners will receive a confirmation email (see image below) from Proctortrack 2 – 4 business days prior to the scheduled exam date.

Steps to Follow on the Day of Your Exam

1.Login to your proctortrack account using your Proctortrack username and password at https://ca- on the day of your exam.
  1. Ensure your workstation is clear and distraction-free.
  2. During the exam session, you must be in the proctor’s view at all times.
  3. Learners will not be able to start the exam prior to the scheduled time slot.

  2.Click on Confirmed under the scheduled exams.

3. Click on Go To Test once the button is active at the scheduled time of the exam. The button will turn green when active.

Refresh the page frequently if the Go To Test button is disabled after your exam session time slot has started.

4.To contact the Proctortrack support team at any time, use the chat widget on the bottom right corner of the page.

5. Follow the same steps from the Onboarding Exam.

  1. Please see Steps 3 to Steps 19 from the Learner Guide.
    1. It can take 15- 30 minutes to complete the process of identification verification and to secure the testing environment.

6. Proctoring has now begun.
  1. A blue border will be placed around the screen as a reminder that Proctortrack is now in session.
  2.  A Live Proctor will be available during the session and can assist via the chat window on the bottom-right of the screen.
  3. You will now be redirected to the Learner Portal.

7.Login using your Learner ID (X*******) and Password.

If you are experiencing login issues, contact Humber technical support at 416-675-5025, option 4. Please notify the proctor through the chat box before calling technical support.

8.Select My Enrollment History menu item on the left-hand side of the screen.
  1. Click on Completed tab.
  2. Click on the appropriate exam link on the list shown.

9.You will be directed to the Exam access page.


Course Exam

  1. Select Click here to access the exam link.
  2. Learner writing a course exam skip to step 10.

Simulation Session Assessment

      c.Select Click here to access the simulation session link.

d.Click the Start icon.

e.Click on the exam icon.

10.Click the Current tab to access the exam link.
  1. Click on the appropriate link within the list shown. Further instructions will be provided on the screen.

11.The Start Exam button at the bottom of the screen will be inactive (greyed out) until the proctor unlocks the exam.

12.Review the on-screen instructions carefully.

  1.  Take a few minutes to view the tour of the exam system by clicking the Take a Tour button at the bottom of the screen.

13.When you are ready to begin, please notify the proctor through the chat box.


14.Please wait while the proctor confirms that your exam is unlocked.


15.Once the Start Exam button turns GREEN; you may click it to begin the exam.

16.After you have attempted all the exam questions, you will be presented with a summary page for review.
  1. Review the questions (including any questions bookmarked).

17.Submit the exam by clicking the SUBMIT button on the screen.

  1. Once you have submitted your exam, NO FURTHER CHANGES to your answers will be permitted.

18.Click the END button on the top-right corner after submitting the exam, to end the proctoring manually.

19.Select the check box to confirm the upload and click on the “END” button to end the exam session.

  1. Click QUIT APP to save the application for future exam/assessments or
  2. Click UNINSTALL to remove Proctortrack from the computer.

Appendix A - Onboarding Exam Rules and Sample Email Notifications

      All learners Must pass the onboarding exam before the scheduled exam date. The exam includes 10 true/false questions.

  • The onboarding exam is essential as it conducts a system check on your device.
  • The onboarding exam should NOT be attempted on the scheduled exam date.
  • Learners MUST have an approved onboarding exam in order to attempt the actual exam.
  • If the onboarding exam is not approved, learners will receive an email.
  • Learners MUST attempt the onboarding exam again until it is approved.
  • The onboarding exam status is visible in the learner’s account, on the main dashboard.
  • Learners can check for notifications in their Proctortrack account by clicking on the bell icon which is located at the top right corner, see image below.

Appendix B – Removing Restrictions on Windows Device

Learners using a Windows device should follow the instructions below to grant Proctortrack access to monitor and record the test session without any issues. Please make sure that the settings below are enabled.

      1.Click on the Connect button after downloading the proctor track app for the first time.

In the event you are not directed to the system check page, please follow these steps to remove any setting restrictions


        a. If you have any privacy setting restrictions, Proctortrack will not connect automatically. In that case, please follow the instructions below to complete the required privacy settings.

        b.Select Start > Settings > Privacy > Camera. When prompted to Allow access to the camera on this device, select Change and make sure Camera access for this device is turned on.

c. Select Start > Settings > Privacy > Microphone. When prompted to Allow access to the microphone on this device, select Change and make sure microphone access for this device is turned on.

Appendix C – Mac Device Permissions

Learners using a Mac device should follow the instructions below to grant Proctortrack access to monitor and record the test session without any issues. Please make sure that the settings below are enabled.

  1. If you have any privacy setting restrictions, you will be directed to the Security and Privacy window automatically. When directed click on the button Click Here Once You Are Done With Above Changes.

                 b.To change and enable privacy settings please follow these steps

Go to System Preference --> Security and Privacy -> Privacy tab --> Select the Proctortrack check box for following options

Note: For Mac Users: Once you have enabled the permission checks, the Proctortrack application will be in the system check phase. If not, please close the application and try launching again (refer to step 10). If you are still experiencing issues with the Proctortrack application, please contact Proctortrack support for assistance at 1(844) 753-2020.

Appendix D – Troubleshooting Onboarding



Tip / Resolution

I do not see a confirmed status when logging into the Proctortrack application.

The Proctortrack onboarding exam must be attempted and approved before the actual exam date.


A failed onboarding exam will require another submission.


Approval may take 4 - 8 hours.


Failure to have a successful onboarding exam on the

day of the actual exam will prevent learners from writing their exam.

I have failed my onboarding exam, what can I do to fix it?

Common reasons for failing the onboarding exam are:


  • Facial scan was not captured
  • Photo ID scan was not captured
  • Name was not legible in ID


A valid government issued photo ID must be held up to the camera and a picture taken where the name is clearly legible. Review the ID photo before submitting.

What type of identification can I use for the onboarding exam?

Learners must present a valid, government issued identification bearing a photograph and

signature (e.g., passport, driver's license, permanent resident card).


Provincial health cards are not accepted.


The name on the government issued

photo identification must match the Learner Portal.


A learner is not allowed to write the exam if the presented identification does not match the name reflected on the learner’s program registration.

I don’t see my scheduled exam in my test list on Proctortrack.

Scheduled exams are added

to Proctortrack approximately 2-4 business days prior to the scheduled exam date.

Appendix E – Troubleshooting Scheduled Exam



Share screen button is not visible or disabled.

Please check that you allowed your browser to use screen share. If the permission issue persists, please contact Proctortrack support center.





During the exam, only the questions are visible and not the answer options.

Ensure your machine browser zoom is set to 100% prior to taking the exam. If it’s not set to 100% the options and buttons would have moved down in the UI –and it can only be viewed/accessed by using the scroll bar.

The submit exam icon in the exam system is not visible

Ensure your machine browser zoom is set to 100% prior to taking the exam. If it’s not set to 100% the options and buttons would have moved down in the UI –and it can only be viewed/accessed by using the scroll bar.

It is exam day and I have logged into the learner portal, but I cannot access my exam.

Learners must log into Proctortrack at https://ca- first.


Click on Confirmed and then on the Go to Test once it becomes active at the scheduled time and follow the directions on screen. Once scans are approved, proctoring begins, and learners will be directed to the Humber Learner Portal login page to access the exam.

The Proctortrack desktop application does not launch. It keeps prompting me to download the desktop application.

Save the application to the Downloads folder on your device. Double click on the application named Proctortrack.exe from the Downloads folder to launch.

I keep failing the room and physical desktop scans.

Slowly rotate the camera and use the full 20 seconds allotted to capture an entire 360-degree room scan.

I have launched the Proctortrack application but I am now stuck on a

particular step.

Pay attention to the chat window for instructions from the proctor. Scroll to the bottom of the chat window to

see new messages.

Appendix F - Support


For technical support with the Proctortrack application, the onboarding process, or understanding technical requirements, please contact Proctortrack support at 1(844) 753-2020 or



For more information on virtual proctoring, please visit our FAQ page at

Appendix G- Acceptable Forms of Identification

Primary Identification Type:

Passport (Canadian or International)

Driver’s License

Citizenship/Permanent Resident Card

Secure Certificate of Indian Status

Provincial ID Card (e.g. Ontario Photo ID card)

Nexus Card

Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card

Canadian Firearms License

Note: All acceptable forms of ID must be valid, a signature (whenever applicable), contain a clear photograph, and not expired.