1. Login to your student account again and go to the Proctortrack Dashboard.  The ‘Go To Test’ button shall become active at the Exam’s scheduled start time. 

Attempting a Live Proctored Exam 

1.  Click on the ‘Go To test’ button once the scheduled time is confirmed and the exam is open.

2. This is the best practices page. Scroll down to go through the ‘Let’s Get Started’ section, to understand the guidelines for a proper testing environment.

3. Scroll down further to find the ‘General Guidelines’ section. These are generic exam guidelines for the test-takers understanding.

4. Scroll down further to find the ‘Instructor’s Guidelines for the Current Test’ section. These are exam guidelines on what is allowed and not allowed based on the configuration for this exam.

5. After getting familiar with all the guidelines, check the box (at the bottom) labeled ‘I have read, understand and will adhere to the required environment guidelines’ & Click on  ‘Go To Next Step’.

6. This is the Download page. Proctortrack will attempt to automatically start the download.  or, If the App was downloaded during any previous exams/tests, the download page will detect the downloaded app and bring forward a pop-up window to click on 'Open Proctortrack' to launch the application. or,  click 'here' to download the Proctortrack app manually.

7. Click on the ‘Download Proctortrack’ button and the Proctortrack app will start downloading.

8. Open the Proctortrack.zip/Proctortrack.exe file that downloads.

9. The Proctortrack app will install when launched for the first time on a computer. Click on ‘Yes’ to proceed.

10. Click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed with the installation.

11. The Proctortrack App will launch once the installation is complete.

Using Proctortrack for Live Proctoring 

1. Once Proctortrack has launched, check the box labeled ‘I confirm my consent, agreement, and acknowledgment as described below’ and click on ‘Start System Check’.

2. The system check will run to verify that the system is ready.

3. This is the Automated Face Scan. Please align your face in the outlined area and the scan will automatically begin. After that, follow the on-screen prompts.

4. Once the face scan is successful,  you shall see the following message on the screen with your student account name.

5. In case the automated Face Scan verification Fails due to certain reasons. The Proctortrack App provides 3 attempts.  On failing the 3rd time, a one time secret code is sent to the test taker's email as shown below. 

Click on ‘Confirm and Proceed’ after entering the code.

6. This step is to connect the Mobile App to continue with the Room scan and monitoring.

 7.  Mobile App: Download and open the Proctortrack Mobile App on your Android or iOS (Apple iPhone) device from the ‘google play store’ or the ‘Apple Appstore’.   Check the box titled ‘I agree to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy’ and then click on ‘Next’.  

8. Mobile App: This is the System check step. Click on the ‘Start’ button to begin the System check on the phone. After the System check, the Mobile app will open the Camera to scan the QR code on the Desktop App.  

9. Proceed to scan the QR code on the Desktop app using the mobile app as shown below.

10.  Once the Mobile App is connected, it will proceed to the 2-step room scan. Read through the instructions and click on ‘Start’ to proceed.

11.  Once the Room scan is complete, the Mobile App will provide instructions on how to place the mobile phone on the desk to continue with the monitoring and the test. Please follow the instructions and ensure that you are visible on the display when the front selfie camera is active. Position your phone as shown in the example below.

12.  Get back to the Desktop app and click on ‘Take me to the Next Page’, to proceed to your exam.

13.a. Proctoring has now begun. A blue border will be placed around the screen as a reminder that Proctortrack is now in session.  You may hide the video window by clicking on the “Hide” button in case it is a distraction.  

 The Event ID required to begin the assessment will be provided by the Live Proctor via the chat window on the bottom-left of the screen.

13.b. At any point, if the mobile app quits or there is an issue with the mobile app. To continue with the session, click on the QR code button on the top border of the desktop app, and then scan the QR code again using the Proctortrack mobile app. Click on ‘Return to Exam’ to continue.

14. Continue with the instructions and steps on the ‘Criteria Assessment Center’ platform.  Please attempt the test you normally would in a testing center environment.  


Remember to ‘Submit’ the assessment once it is complete.  Once you submit the assessment, click the 'End' button on the top-right corner to end the proctoring.

15.  Check the box next to 'Yes, I have completed and submitted my exam.' Finally, click 'End'.

16.  The session data will be automatically uploaded to Proctortrack.

17. The test/assessment session is complete! Either button seen here will close Proctortrack. Proctortrack will have to be run before each proctoring-enabled test/assessment. Click'QUIT APP' to save the application for use with later tests/assessments,  or click 'Uninstall' to remove Proctortrack from the current machine. Keep in mind 

that an opportunity to download Proctortrack  will be given before each proctoring-enabled exam/assessment

You may now End the session on the Proctortrack Mobile App as well.