,1. Login to your student account again and go to the Proctortrack Dashboard to check the Onboarding status at any time. On the top-right you have information on the Onboarding status. Once the Onboarding status shows “Passed”, you may schedule your live proctoring exam.

Scheduling a Live Proctoring Exam. 

1. Click on the ‘Schedule’ button for the Exam with Live Proctoring.

2. Select the date and time within the period the test is open for,  to schedule the Live Proctoring test.

3. Click on the ‘Schedule a session’ button to confirm and then click ‘Ok’.

4. You may reschedule the exam by clicking on the ‘Requested’ button.

5. Here you may ‘Reschedule Exam’ or ‘Cancel This Event’ that was earlier scheduled.

6. Once the scheduling is confirmed, you will be able to see the button change to ‘Confirmed’. You shall also receive an email notification for confirmation of your scheduled exam.  Click on the ‘Confirmed’ button.