Using Proctortrack in Hosted

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What is Proctortrack?

How does it work?

Why onboarding?

Taking an Exam with Proctortrack

What is Proctortrack?

Proctortrack is the automatic remote proctoring solution your institution has selected for use during online exams.  More information about Proctortrack’s privacy policies and technologies used can be found on our website.  

How does it work?

The following guide will assist you, the student, in going through the process of taking a proctored exam with Proctortrack.  Remember if you ever had any additional questions, you can call 1 (844) 753-2020 or go to for additional information and live chat.

Why onboarding?

Often students are unsure if their specific hardware setup will allow them to use Proctortrack.  While a detailed list of supported operating systems and browsers is available on, students often prefer to just test their own system themselves.  Keep in mind that Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browser.  While Proctortrack will work in other browsers, the user experience is far superior in Chrome.  

The onboarding process gives students the opportunity to make sure everything is working correctly during low-pressure circumstances.  It also gives students time to make any changes to their system well before the first exam.  

Students can fail onboarding for the following reasons:

  • Facial scan missing or insufficient

  • ID scan missing or insufficient

  • ID scan shows invalid ID

  • Knuckle scan missing or insufficient

  • Environment lighting insufficient

If a student fails the onboarding exam, they will receive a notification listing the specific reasons for failure and be asked to re-take the onboarding exam.

For students onboarding appears exactly the same as a normal exam, to help familiarize them with the testing environment.   

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Verificient support:

What do I need to take an exam using Proctortrack?

Taking an Exam with Proctortrack

1.    Log in as a student by entering a Username and the corresponding Password before clicking  “Login.” 

2.    Click on the ‘Go To Test List’ button.

3.    Look for the desired quiz in the list. It may be necessary to scroll down. Once the quiz has been found, click the ‘Go To Test’ button.

4. Read the “How it works” tab on the top, to further understand the steps required. Click the “Next” button to scroll through the steps.

6. Scroll down to go through the “Let’s Get Started” section, to understand the guidelines for a proper testing environment.

7. Scroll down further to find the "General Guidelines” section. These are generic exam guidelines for the test-takers understanding.

8.    Scroll down again to find the 'Instructor 's Guidelines for the Current Test'


9.  After getting familiar with all the guidelines, check the box (at the bottom) labelled “ I have read, understand and will adhere to the required environment guidelines.” Click Go To Next Step.

10. Proctortrack will attempt to automatically download and connect, otherwise click ‘Download Proctortrack’ button to download the app.

11.           Open the ' /Proctortrack.exe' file that gets downloaded and launch Proctortrack to proceed.


Using Proctortrack

1. Once launched is clicked, the app will take to the “Agreement Policy”, please read the agreement policies and “check the box”  and click the 'START SYSTEM CHECK' button.

2. A System Check will run to verify that the system is ready   

3.Make sure to fill the frame before clicking “Scan”. After that, follow the on-screen prompts. 


4.You may re-scan if needed, otherwise, click “Confirm” to proceed

5a. For the ID scan follow all the instructions and click on "Next button"  hold a valid photo ID (Driver’s License or Student ID), up to the camera and click “Scan”.

5b. Make sure to fit the ID (Driver’s License or Student ID), within the frame and hold it steady so that it’s clear. 

6. Click “Re-Scan” as many times as needed or click “Confirm” to proceed.

7. For the knuckle scan, choose “Left or Right Hand”, hold the back of either hand up to the webcam and try to fit it within the frame. Click “Scan”.

8. Once the scan is complete, click “Re-Scan” if the scan is too blurry. Otherwise, click “Confirm” to complete the identification process.

9a. Review the Exam Guidelines and go through the 'NOT ALLOWED' tab.

9b.    Now switch to the 'ALLOWED' tab , go through the Guidelines given and click on the 'I AGREE, LET'S BEGIN' button

10. Proctoring has now begun. A blue border will be placed around the screen as a reminder that Proctortrack is now in session. click on the "Launch Test" button to start the test.

11. Lastly, click “End” button on top-right corner to end proctoring.  Check the box next to “Yes, I have completed and submitted my exam.” . Finally, click “End”.

12.The session data will be automatically uploaded to Proctortrack.

13. The test session is complete! Either button seen here will close Proctortrack. Proctortrack will have to be run before each proctoring-enabled test. Click “QUIT APP” to save the application for use with later tests, or click “Uninstall” to remove Proctortrack from the current machine. Keep in mind that an opportunity to download Proctortrack will be given before each proctoring-enabled test.