Taking an Exam with Proctortrack

 1. Please log in to your eCollege account with the credentials provided by your school.


2. Please select your course from the homepage.

 3. Select the test that you are supposed to attempt from the left-hand side menu.

 4. You'll arrive at the "How it works" page. Scroll down. Click "Go to Next Step".



 5. Read through the "Let's Get Started" page, check the agreement box, and click “Go To Next Step”.


 6. Once you click “Go to Next Step”, you are forwarded to the “Download” page. If Proctortrack is already downloaded, it should run automatically. If it's not, click on the download link to download Proctortrack and run it.


Using Proctortrack

1.  Once you run Proctortrack it will initiate the system check process to verify the system components.  



2. Make sure to fill the frame before clicking “Scan”. After that, follow the on-screen prompts

3. If dissatisfied with the scans, click “Re-Scan” to replace them by taking new ones. Otherwise, click “Confirm” to move on.

4. For the ID scan, hold a valid photo ID up to the camera and click “Scan”.

5. Make sure to fit the ID within the frame and hold it steady so that it’s clear. Click “Re-Scan” as many times as needed if your name isn't legible in the scan or click “Confirm” to proceed.

6.  For the knuckle scan, choose “Left or Right Hand”, hold the back of either hand up to the webcam and try to fit it within the frame. Click “Scan”.

7. Once the scan is complete, click “Re-Scan” if the scan is too blurry. Otherwise, click “Confirm” to complete the identification process.

8. Click on “I AGREE, LET'S BEGIN”.

9.  Proctoring has now begun. A blue border will be placed around the screen as a reminder that Proctortrack is now in session. The “Password” (1) is displayed on the top right corner. Enter the password displayed in the password box. (2) Hit “Begin” (3).


 10. Click “Begin Now” to start the quiz.

 11. Click “Submit for Grading.” Then “OK” to submit the quiz.

    12. Check the box next to “Yes, I have completed and submitted my test.”. Finally, click “End”.

13. The session data will be automatically uploaded to Proctortrack.


 14. You have completed your quiz session, click “Close Window” or “Uninstall Application.”


Note: If you have asked to skip proctoring and your instructor has given you an access code to take the quiz you can skip the verification process and go straight to the quiz. To do so, click "Quizzes" from the panel on the left. Instead of clicking “Click Here”, click the test name. Then click the “Take the Quiz” button. Enter your access code. Click “Submit”. Now you can take your test without proctoring.