Taking an Exam with Proctortrack

1. A student will select ‘Proctortrack’ from the tools menu.


2. ‘Select’ the test from the list of proctored tests.


3. Read the “How it works” page. More will be revealed after scrolling down.

4.Click on “Go to Next Step”.

5.While scrolling through the “Let’s Get Started” page, look over Proctortrack’s guidelines for an ideal test-taking environment. These practices are the great way to secure an accurate assessment and credit for honesty shown during the test. 

6. After getting familiar with Proctortrack, check the box labeled “I have read, understand and will adhere to the required environment guidelines.” (1) Then click “Go To Next Step.” (2).

7. Proctortrack will attempt to automatically connect, otherwise click  Download and run here to download the app.

8.Open the Proctortrack.zip file that gets downloaded and launch Proctortrack to proceed.

Using Proctortrack

1. Once the Proctortrack App is launched, check the box labeled “I agree to the terms and conditions”.

2. A System Check will run to verify that the system is ready .

3.Make sure to fill the frame before clicking “Scan”. After that, follow the on-screen prompts.    

You may "Re-scan" if needed, otherwise, click “Confirm” to proceed

5.For the ID scan, read all the instructions carefully and then click on NEXT button and scan Your ID.

6. Make sure to fit the ID (Driver’s License or Student ID), within the frame and hold it steady so that it’s clear. 

7. Once the scan is complete, click “Re-Scan”  if the scan is too blurry. Otherwise, click “Confirm”  to complete the identification process.

8. For the knuckle scan, choose “Left Hand” or “Right Hand”, hold the back of either hand up to the webcam and try to fit it within the frame. Click “Scan”.


9.Once the scan is complete, click “Re-Scan”  if the scan is too blurry. Otherwise, click “Confirm”  to complete the identification process.

10. Click on “I Agree, LET’S BEGIN” to continue.


11. Proctoring has now begun. A blue border will be placed around the screen as a reminder that Proctortrack is now in session.

12. Click on ‘Begin’ to start the quiz.

13. Enter the ‘Password/ access code’ [2] displayed on the Top right corner [1] of the screen before the ‘End’ button and click Submit [3]

14.Sometimes the access code is hidden, depending on the test configuration, Follow the steps given below.

a.You need to click on the Password button present on the top right corner.

b. Now click the ‘COPY’ button on the ‘Exam Password’ page.

c. The password is generated, please follow the steps given in the  ‘Ready to proceed!’ message box. CTRL+V is used for Windows.

 d. Similarly, for MAC you get the below message. Command+V is used for MAC to paste the password.

e. In the “Access code/Password” field, right click and then click “Paste” (or press CTRL + V in Windows/ Command +V for MAC OSX ) to paste the password for the exam.

Take the test as you would normally.

  1. Once completed, click “Submit Test”. Make sure that your quiz is submitted properly

15.Close the proctoring session.

  • Click the “END button” in the top right corner.

16. Check the box next to “Yes, I have completed and submitted my exam.” (1), Finally, click “End Proctoring” (2).

 17.The session data will be automatically uploaded to Proctortrack.

18. The test session is complete! Either button seen here will close Proctortrack. Proctortrack will have to be run before each proctoring-enabled test. Click “Quit App” (1) to save the application for use with later tests, and click “Uninstall” (2) to remove Proctortrack from the current machine. Keep in mind that an opportunity to download Proctortrack will be given before each proctoring-enabled test.