Proctortrack Technical Requirements

This document describes a full set of technical requirements and configuration settings necessary for delivering Online Proctored exams using Proctortrack.

This is a full set of technical requirements that can assist the user in troubleshooting problems associated with exam delivery.

The users need to make sure that:

  • The user account logged in to take the exam using Proctortrack must have Local Administrative permissions to download and run the application

  • VPN connections are strongly discouraged and may result in disruption to exam delivery.

  • Dial-Up Internet Connections are not supported.

  • Browsers not found on the list of Supported Internet Browsers in this document cannot be used for exam delivery.

  • They have a working webcam and microphone on their computer and their drivers are up to date.

  • The below URL’s need to be whitelisted:

Please Visit the link below for Overall Proctortrack System Requirements:

We provide 24x7 support to our customers via chat/phone/email. Our support team makes use of the TeamViewer application to help out the users remotely, so the user also needs to make sure that the below URL/APP is whitelisted as well.

Support Contact details:


Phone: 1-844-753-2020