Running RemoteDesk on macOS Catalina will require permission-based access as Apple increases security policies intended to protect your computer from malicious software and to give you, the user, complete control over which applications are granted permission.


Similar to applications such as Zoom, RemoteDesk will need your computer’s permission in order to function according to company configurations. RemoteDesk is always transparent about how it captures data. Please see our Privacy Document for more details.


When using macOS Catalina, you can expect to encounter a number of permission request dialog boxes. Be assured that this is normal and is in place for your own computer’s safety.


macOS Catalina comes with an increased number of features that help protect your Mac and your personal information from malicious software. Malware is commonly distributed through apps that appear harmless. Apple’s Security & Privacy settings allow the user to specify permissions to be granted to RemoteDesk, which the user must download from the internet.