Please check if your computer meets the RemoteDesk requirements

Note: The first session will be considered as the Onboarding session. Please continue the first session for 5-10 mins and


End the session. Follow the same steps after your Onboarding is approved to initiate a work session. The steps to attempt any session are the same as shown below.

How do I Take a Session using RemoteDesk?

1. To start a session, go to and enter the credentials to log in to your RemoteDesk account.

2. Right after logging in, the first page is the “Let’s Get Started” page that lays down general guidelines for the kind of environment you should be taking the session in, as well as lays down the “Agent Guidelines”.



a.  Read through the Guidelines and Scroll Down.

b. Check the box to Agree to the Guidelines and click on the “Go To Next Step” button to proceed.

3. Now you should be on the Download page. The page will automatically detect whether the RemoteDesk App is already installed on the system or not. 

The RemoteDesk App will start downloading automatically incase the 

App is not detected on the System or click on the “Download RemoteDesk” button to download the app.


Please launch the Downloaded RemoteDesk App file.

4. The App will connect and ask the Agent to agree to the Terms and Agreement to collect the Biometric Data.      Please check the box to agree to the terms and click on the “Start System Check” button.

5. The RemoteDesk App then performs a 7 point system check to ensure the system meets the Minimum 


6. After that, comes the Face Scan. Since its the first time you shall be submitting the scans, these scans would be for the Onboarding. Please go through the instructions on the right, align your face accordingly and hi the 

 Scan button.


Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the scan.

7.  Next comes the ID Scan. Please read the instructions and click Next to complete the ID scan.

Click the Scan button to begin the scan and hole the ID in place. Once the scan is complete you can preview the scan image. Please click on “NO” to scan again or click “YES” to proceed.

8. Next, you have the message before the Monitoring begins. Please click on “I Agree, Let’s Begin” button to 


9. You should now have a blue border around the screen as well as the video window on the right side bottom corner to notify you that you are being monitored. You will now be auto-forwarded to your work environment (work portal/VDI). You may minimize the video window in case it is a hindrance to the screen. Please continue with your work session as you normally would. If this is your first session, it will be regarded as the Onboarding session and you may end only this first session after 5 mins to submit your profile.


10. Please use the Break or AUX button in the right side top corner to pause the sessions anytime you need to take a break. Once the work session is complete, click on the “END” button in the right side top corner to END the Monitoring and upload the Monitoring data.

11. The RemoteDesk App will ask to confirm before ending the session. Click the checkbox “Yes, I have completed my Agent Session” and click the “END” button for the data to upload.

12.  Once the upload is complete, you have the option to Quit the App or Uninstall the App. You have the option to download the app each time you start a RemoteDesk session.