The first time the Agents login to RemoteDesk and initiate a session, by default, they are attempting an Onboarding Session. The Onboarding Session creates their baseline profile with the Face and ID scans as well as gets them accustomed to the RemoteDesk process. The Onboarding process gives agents an opportunity to make sure everything is working correctly.


Agents can fail onboarding for the following reasons:

  • Missing or insufficient facial scan.

  • Missing or insufficient ID.

  • The ID scan shows an invalid ID.

  • Insufficient environment lighting


If the agent fails the onboarding session, they will receive a notification listing the specific reasons for failure and be asked to retake the RemoteDesk Session.


For agents, the Onboarding appears exactly the same as a normal session to help familiarize them with the RemoteDesk process.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support:

Phone: 1-844-753-2020