What is Proctortrack?

Proctortrack is the automatic remote proctoring solution your institution has selected for use during online exams.  More information about Proctortrack’s privacy policies and technologies used can be found on our website.  

How does it work?

The following guide will assist you, the student, in going through the process of taking a proctored exam with Proctortrack.  Remember if you ever had any additional questions, you can call 1 (844) 753-2020 or go to www.proctortrack.com/support for additional information and live chat.

How to Install Google Chrome browser on your computer:

Google chrome download link: https://www.google.com/intl/en_in/chrome/

Note: Please contact the One-Stop Center in case of any support/concerns.

What do I need to take an exam using Proctortrack?

How do I Take an Exam using MyCamu? 

Step 1: Log in to myCamu using the following URL https://www.mycamu.com/

Enter the Username and Password provided to you by the institution.

Step 2: From the myCamu Profile page select the menu “Proctortrack”

Step 3: A separate window named, Proctortrack will open. On the new Proctortrack tab, Click on ‘Go to Test’ to take the Practice Test.

Step 4: Install Proctortrack plugin in your Chrome browser by clicking on Download plugin, refer below image. 

Step 5: To add the plugin as a Chrome extension, click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

Step 6: Click ‘Add extension’ on the confirmation pop-up.

The plugin will be added successfully.

Step 7: A set of instructions will be displayed. Scroll down and read all the Instructions. If you have read and understood all the guideline you can confirm by clicking the checkbox. You can click on the “Go to Next Step” button.

Step 8: Read the Agreement Policy and click on ‘Submit.

Step 9: Click on ‘Scan’ to initiate a Face scan.

Step 10: Click on ‘Confirm and Upload’ to submit Face scan.

Step 11: Click on ‘Scan’ to initiate ID Scan.

Step 12: Click on ‘Confirm and Upload’ to submit ID Scan.

Step 13: Use ‘Click here’ link to download Proctortrack.exe.

Step 14: Click on ‘Download Proctortrack’ to install Proctortrack.exe.

Step 15: First, you need to download and run the Proctortrack app. Proctortrack guarantees that your test session is properly monitored and you are given proper credit for your honesty shown during the test. Click "Download App" Run Proctortrack by opening it from the downloads bar at the bottom of your browser or from the Downloads folder on your computer.

Step 16: Provide consent to the Agreement policy once you finish reading the policy. Click on the “Start System Check” button.

Step 17: A seven-point check will be completed by Proctortrack to confirm your device is working fine for the proctored online assessment. All the steps will be validated and the system will display a tick upon successful validation and will lead you onto the next step automatically.

Step 18: Click I Agree, Let's Begin. A blue frame will appear around your screen to indicate that you are being monitored. 

Once you click on “I Agree, Let's Begin” Button, it will automatically redirect to the assessment scheduled.

Step 19: Share screen consent. Click on the window in the pop-up and click on ‘Share’

Step 20: Click on ‘Start Proctoring’ to enter into the Exam.

Step 21: Click on Start Exam to start your online assessment.

Step 22: Click on the Finish Exam button (at the bottom and at the top right corner) to confirm the completion of your assessment.

If there is a descriptive answer which requires attachment, then click on the add attachment to an attachment. myCamu supports all types of attachment. The uploading will take time-based upon the file size & internet speed. After completion of the assessment, the video recorded will be saved and uploaded to the database.

Step 23: Once you confirm, click on ‘Home’ to Submit the exam

Step 24: Click the ‘End’ button on the bottom right Proctortrack window to Upload exam

Step 25: Confirm to upload by clicking on ‘Yes’.

Step 26: Users can click on “Quit App” or “Uninstall” to exit from Proctortrack and it will redirect to myCamu assessment screen. Wait until the uploading is 100% complete.

Step 27: Click the Close button to exit from the Assessment. You can log out of myCamu by clicking the logout option available in the top right corner.

Step 28: You can close the Proctortrack tab.

Test environment rules

1. No other person is allowed to enter the room while you are taking the proctored


2. The lighting in the room must be bright enough to be considered “daylight” quality. Overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not available, the source of light must not be behind you.

3. You must sit at a clean desk or table. 

4. The desk or walls around you must not have any writing.

5. The room must be as quiet as possible. Sounds such as music or television are not permitted.

6. The following items must not be on your desk or used during your proctored exam unless posted rules for the exam specifically permit these materials: 

  • Books
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Calculators
  • Textbooks
  • Notebooks
  • Phones

The computer you use to take the test

1. The computer you are using to take the exam must not have more than one display or monitor. For example, if you usually use a laptop with a monitor connected, disconnect your monitor, and use only the laptop screen. 

2. You must close all other programs or windows on your testing computer before you begin the exam. 

3. You must not use the following tools:

  • Programs such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint 
  • Communication programs such as Skype
  • Any website page other than the exam window in your course, including other content on edX.org

Your behavior 

1. You must verify your identity using a photo ID that has your name and photo on the same side. The name must match the full name you use in your edx.org account. You can change your name in your edX account. 

2. You must dress as though you were in a public setting. 

3. You must not use headphones, earbuds, or any other type of listening equipment. 

4. You must not communicate with any other person by any means.

5. You must not use a phone for any reason. 

6. You must not leave the room during the exam for any reason unless posted rules for the exam specifically permit you to do so.